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Decorative Products GmbH are the only AIRBUS SFE-supplier of DFC® HTPT-coated surfaces that meet highest of Aviation quality standards. It reflects in superior quality applications and overall surface enhancement.

A flight onboard an aircraft is more than simple transportation, which takes you from A to B.

An upper limit of comfort as well as service and design ought to put passengers into a comforting atmosphere, especially frequent flyer and long distance travelers. As they say, before flight is after flight.

Our customers such as EMIRATES and SWISS have come to find out and decided to choose surface enhancement for their air cabin interior that combines modern design and longevity. The diversity of applications ranges from metal appearance and flip-flop lacquers to high-grade wood effect looks: Craftsmanship finds application to achieve high-end coating applications that meet Aviation safety standards and prove absolute UV-resistance as well as ecological degradability – patented technology for everybody who takes a closer look.

Decorative Products GmbH are also exclusive distributor of REHAU® Aviation Aftermarket Products and appointed OEM supplier of selected products.

In cooperation with REHAU® we have now launched a newly developed roller shutter systems applicable to a wide range of Aircraft interior monuments.

In addition, very innovatively and for the first time to be seen is the brand-new product AIRDAL®, a permanent self-disinfecting antimicrobial coating that contributes toward greater comfort for passenger and crew.­­­

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