Success is humane

Founded in 2004, Decorative Products GmbH is an EN9100 certified company that made their way to the leading supplier of surface decoration in the aviation industry. It is composed of the three following cornerstones.

On a young, dynamic and highly motivated team of employees that have gathered expertise over many years in that industry. 

On our cooperating partner, the PKI-DFC® Premium Surfaces Technologies GmbH, offering more than 50 years of experience in research and development to our customers. It is a valued and inspiring relationship that led to the basis of which the DFC®-technology was founded.

Last but not least, we carry a steadily growing relationship with our customers. With certainty, the Decorative Products GmbH, the original, is able to match the initial OEM part by a replacement, even after years of installation. That is a promise our customers can rely on.